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What do yeast infections, headaches, skin rashes, weight gain, compromised immune system and distorted thought patterns have in common? They are all brought on by poor digestion. Digestive problems originate in our colon and can manifest themselves in many different forms. Our bodies naturally produce 20-35% of the enzymes we need for digestion and the rest should come from the foods we eat.Unfortunately, because of cooking and/or processing, food enzymes are destroyed, making it very difficult to effectively break food down and absorb nutrients and eliminate waste. As a result, our pancreas is forced to pump out even more digestive enzymes for us. The food we eat does not always turn into the bodies we are designed to wear. This makes it very difficult for our bodies sto effectively break down the food we consume and to absorb all the nurtients we need. When poorly digested protein and fats enter the bloodstream we start to attack them just as if they were germs. We are effectively asking our immune systems to digest our food for us! Enzymega supplies the digestive enzymes our bodies need to absorb the nutrients from our foods and break the cycle of colon back up.(90 Capsules per Bottle)

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